JS Ruiz Realty / Indiana

Kristal Carrasco

Phone: (317) 459-0907

Kristal Carrasco- Real Estate Broker & Buyer’s Expert at JS RUIZ. I am a bilingual real estate agent serving the Indianapolis area. I feel the client deserves the best service and utmost attention from beginning to end and beyond. They should feel comfortable and content as possible throughout the entire process. The agent/marketing consultant’s priority is to carefully guide the client, answer questions and ensure satisfaction. For the buyer, this means matching their needs with homes on the market and referring them to loan officers. For Sellers, this means negotiating the transaction and meeting their selling expectations. Kristal Carrasco- Agente de Bienes y Raíces afiliada a JS Ruiz Realty. Operando en el área de Indianápolis. Yo creo firmemente que el cliente merece el mejor servicio desde el principio hasta el final de la transacción. El cliente debe sentirse cómodo y satisfecho durante todo el proceso de la compra/venta de casa. Mis aéreas de experiencia consisten desde short sales, propiedades de banco y venta regular. Para la compra/venta de su casa, cuente con los recursos, contactos y conocimientos que tengo. Con gusto YO les explicare en detalle los contratos, costos, préstamos, inspecciones y todo lo relacionado con la transacción.

Don Grant

Phone: (317) 466-0152

Don Grant is a Real Estate Broker and Buyer's Agent with JS RUIZ Realty Inc. Don's lifelong passion to learn, understand, and explore keeps him rising to challenges and opportunities in every avenue of life. With an extensive and diversified education, a world of travel, a wealth of life experience, and work expertise from mechanic to CEO. Don is able to see your point of view and understand your issues. Don has been licensed in real estate over 30 years. Combining a patient and caring approach with sophisticated knowledge of our complex real estate market, Don will handle every detail and provide you with the best possible real estate experience. Regardless of the issue, if it matters to you, it matters to Don.

Jenni Ruiz

Phone: (317) 466-0152

Jenni Ruiz is the Principal Real Estate Broker and co-owner of JS RUIZ Realty, Inc. Jenni has 18 years experience in the real estate business with 8 years specifically in REO and corporate sales. With her partner in work and life, Reuben Ruiz, she has built JS RUIZ Realty, Inc from a two man operation in her home to a multi-faceted, successful real estate business. Jenni is influential and deeply involved in the Central Indiana real estate industry. Sitting on boards and committees, she is a policy maker, and committed to improving human relations, industry standards, and regulations. Jenni has made it her company's focus to be an industry leader, provide excellent customer service, and be a source of information for real estate agents, brokers, consumers, and the community.

Reuben Ruiz

Phone: (317) 466-0152

Reuben Ruiz is a Real Estate Broker and owner of JS RUIZ Realty, Inc. Reuben has 17 years experience in real estate and 23 years experience in mortgage lending. As a graduate from IU with a BS in Business, as well as having attended IU Law School, Reuben has played an integral role in the growth and development of JS RUIZ Realty. He and his partner, Jenni Ruiz, have worked hard at growing their business into a successful operation. Reuben is dedicated to "getting it done". His approach to business is straight-forward, exact, and effective.

Edwin Shannahan

Phone: (317) 466-0152

Edwin Shannahan is an Real Estate Broker and Buyer's Agent with JS RUIZ Realty, Inc. Ed takes his over 13 years of successful corporate sales experience, as well as the discipline he learned from serving our country in the Marine Corps, and combines it with his vast real estate knowledge to give you the utmost in client service. If you're looking for someone who can thoroughly walk you through the process of buying or selling, in whatever form, Ed's the agent for you. When it comes to buying, he understands that this is probably your largest investment and there should be attention to every detail. When it comes to selling your home, Ed can advise you on how to accurately market your home to get you the absolute best price for your property.

Jodi Shannahan

Phone: (317) 466-0152

Jodi Shannahan is a Realtor and Buyer's Agent with JS RUIZ Realty Inc. Jodi is third generation in real estate - she literally grew up in the business! She has always been instilled with the value that customer service is key! Before Jodi decided to embrace her destiny of having a real estate career, she earned a degree in Marketing and worked in the corporate world of sales and law. She has been able to successfully couple that experience with several years of real estate, and real estate investment experience, to give her clients the exemplary customer service and information they deserve.

Jacqueline Strong

Phone: (317) 466-0152

Jacqueline Strong is a Real Estate Broker and Manager of JS RUIZ Realty, Inc. Jacqueline has 17 years experience in the real estate business, specifically in retail, REO, and HUD sales, property valuation/appraisals, and market analysis. As the manager of JS RUIZ Realty, she is responsible for operation of the Indy REO team, agent relations, marketing, and outreach. Jacqueline is dedicated to providing excellent service, sharing information, and committed to "making it count".

Sue Vanbriggle

Phone: (317) 466-0152

Sue heads the accounting department for JS RUIZ Realty, Inc.